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Maria Englehardt Virtual Assistant Services

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Master Your Strengths, Outsource Your Weaknesses

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What Can I Do For You?


Hi, I'm Maria,
a Skilled Virtual Assistant Support Professional

Details are my jam. I love helping people like you get out of the spin-cycle of “doing all the things” and find the time to get back to the parts of your business that make you come alive. Remember when you started your business and felt on fire about all your ideas and what you were building? It’s time to get back there to your most fulfilled self. You keep your passion, and let me keep your workflow.

Because, as the adage says, time is money.


When you are tied up in day-to-day processes or with inefficient systems, you become limited in the time to serve potential or existing clients. You may also feel your creativity and innovation are drained as you keep all the plates spinning. Perhaps you even find yourself time-constrained for yourself and your family.

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Holiday cards

Bill payments

VA Mentoring Services

Light scheduling

Social Media Content Scheduling

E-file, email newsletter, custom signature block, and contact form creation and organization


Administrative support such as calendar management

CRM set-up via HoneyBook

Creation of Google, Bing, and Yelp presence, etc

Website Builds 


We will be accomplishing a lot together, so it’s important we get well-acquainted.

I’ll start with the introductions— Hi, I’m Maria Englehardt!

During many years spent in the corporate world, I developed several valuable skills— creating systems, leading teams, and finding efficient and effective ways to provide solutions to clients to name a few. 

I decided to take those skillsets to create Maria Englehardt Virtual Assistance with the goal of helping busy business owners (like you) become more profitable, scale, and get back to doing the work they enjoy. 


You keep your passion, and I’ll keep your workflow. Together, we’ll find a rhythm that helps you offload the tasks that don’t require your talents nor bring you joy. I’ll put the systems and automations in place that will free your time to make more money or to spend on what matters most to you. 


I look forward to getting to know more about you and your brand. 

Let’s accelerate your business and help you serve your clients with ease.

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When I met Maria, there was only one of me and work was overwhelming and stacking up beyond what I could handle, while also being a Mom of two little ones. I began getting frustrated with the things I was forgetting and not being able to manage, which caused me to doubt myself and my ability to succeed as a business owner. From the beginning Maria took it as a step by step process tackling things on a priority basis to get me back in control of my schedule and my work life balance. Now, 6 months later, I am more organized than I have ever been while my business continues to grow. Maria helps with everything from project management, scheduling, to ordering material; which is a lifesaver on a daily basis. SHE IS AMAZING!

- Joanee K.


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