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Meet Your Virtual Assistant, Maria Englehardt


We will be accomplishing a lot together, so it’s important we get well-acquainted.
I’ll start with the introductions— Hi, I’m Maria Englehardt!

After 14 years in the insurance industry, working and supervising sales, retention, and back-office departments, I started Maria Englehardt Virtual Assisting. Taking all the skills I gained from the corporate world— creating efficiency, setting up structure, understanding others, and leading people— I paired those skills with my education (B.A. in Psychology and Virtual Assistant Certificate). Through virtual assisting, I team up with busy business owners who are ready to delegate and scale. 


Details are my jam. I love helping people like you get out of the spin-cycle of “doing all the things” and find the time to get back to the parts of your business that make you come alive. Remember when you started your business and felt on fire about all your ideas and what you were building? It’s time to get back there to your most fulfilled self. You keep your passion, and let me keep your workflow.

A little bit about me personally


I was born in and spent my early childhood in Queens, NY before moving to the Tampa Bay area at age 10. I currently live in the suburbs around Tampa Bay with my husband and canine fur children. Exploring culture, food, and our beautiful world is life, but I love close-to-home adventures, too. On weekends, you might find me zipping around the neighborhood on my electric scooter, lounging poolside with a good book, or spending time with family. An eternal optimist, I’ll wait for 11:11 to make a wish. My heritage is a mix of Italian and Puerto Rican, so homemade sauces, pasta, or pasteles are usually in order, when we are together. I also enjoy whipping up cookies and finding any affair to create a luxe charcuterie board. 


I look forward to getting to know more about you and your brand. 

Let’s accelerate your business and help you serve your clients with ease.

The Mission


ME Virtual Assisting’s mission is to provide small and scaling businesses with care and attention to the pieces of business that need systems, organization, and efficient solutions. Business owners can attain profitable results and reach measurable goals while overcoming challenges with solutions in place. Exceeding each client’s expectations with appropriate and customized services is what we strive to accomplish.


ME Virtual Assisting’s vision is to be a first-choice business solution that offers the best customer service, technology, and well-trained personnel. The true vision belongs to each client, and ME Virtual Assisting uplevels businesses to their highest impact in their industries and communities.

The Vision

When I met Maria, there was only one of me and work was overwhelming and stacking up beyond what I could handle, while also being a Mom of two little ones. I began getting frustrated with the things I was forgetting and not being able to manage, which caused me to doubt myself and my ability to succeed as a business owner. From the beginning Maria took it as a step by step process tackling things on a priority basis to get me back in control of my schedule and my work life balance. Now, 6 months later, I am more organized than I have ever been while my business continues to grow. Maria helps with everything from project management, scheduling, to ordering material; which is a lifesaver on a daily basis. SHE IS AMAZING!

- Joanne K.

Jen B.


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