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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your hours?
    As a firm advocate for time management, I meticulously allocate my working hours to ensure optimal productivity and focus. My schedule is as follows: Monday to Thursday (10 AM - 5 PM): My workweek is dedicated to serving my clients and managing business operations. Mondays: Exclusively set aside for meetings, allowing for comprehensive discussions and planning. Tuesdays and Thursdays: Focused on client work, dedicating my undivided attention to delivering high-quality services. Wednesdays: My CEO days, where I concentrate on strategic business growth, internal projects, and overarching company goals. Fridays: Reserved for personal development and HoneyBook Strategy sessions, ensuring continuous improvement and expert management of your projects. This structured approach allows me to provide the highest level of service while maintaining a balance that fuels my passion for helping small businesses thrive.
  • Can I change my retainer hours?
    If you think you need more hours ongoing or for a temporary period, we can discuss your business needs and my availability to increase your retainer hours for the following month’s retainer. If you need fewer hours, there is a minimum retainer package, or we can discuss one-time projects to see if they fit within my scope of services. My goal is to help you find solutions for your business needs.
  • What are all the services Maria Englehardt Virtual Assisting provides?
    If you can systemize it or organize it, I can probably do it! The main services I provide businesses are: HoneyBook Builds Social Media Management Gift Ordering/Shipping Bloom Your HoneyBook HoneyBook Strategy Sessions Custom Admin Packages (no phone calls) HoneyBook VIP days (where HB is set up for you within 2 business days)
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