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Letting Your Clients Decide Their Own Payment Plan: A Game Changer with HoneyBook

Start using HoneyBook today and enjoy unmatched flexibility! Use discount code mariava.

Hey, entrepreneurs! Maria here, with some exciting news from HoneyBook that’s going to revolutionize how you handle payments. Imagine giving your clients the freedom to choose their own payment plans or pay in full. Sounds fantastic, right? Let’s dive into this game-changing feature.

Empower Your Clients with Payment Flexibility

Gone are the days of rigid payment schedules! With HoneyBook’s latest update, you can now offer your clients the ultimate convenience: the ability to set up their own payment plan or pay the invoice in full with a single payment. This flexibility means your clients can manage their finances better, and you get paid faster—everyone wins!

How It Works

  1. Start Creating an Invoice: Begin by creating a new invoice or editing an existing template.

  2. Client Selects Plan: Under the Payment Plan section, select "Client selects plan."

  3. Set Payment Dates: Decide whether the first payment is due on the invoice date or a custom date. For example, if the invoice is sent on March 15th and your client chooses three payments, they’ll be due on March 15th, April 15th, and May 15th.

  4. Maximize Payment Options: Choose the maximum number of payments your client can split the invoice into.

  5. Full Payment Toggle: Enable the option for clients to pay in full and offer a discount if they choose this option.

Client Experience

Here’s what your client will see:

  1. Receive and Open Invoice: Clients get the invoice and see their payment options.

  2. Choose Payment Plan: They select either split payments or pay in full. If they opt for split payments, they choose the number of payments, which are due monthly.

  3. Enter Payment Details: Clients fill in their payment details, and the total invoice amount is divided by the number of payments selected.


What if I offer a pay-in-full discount and another discount?

Discounts are applied in sequence: manual discounts first, then the pay-in-full discount on the new total. For instance, a $5,000 invoice with a 10% manual discount and a 10% pay-in-full discount results in a final payment of $4,050.

How does this affect my contract?

Utilize the payment recap smart field to reflect the chosen payment plan automatically, keeping everything seamless and professional.

Flexibility at Its Finest

HoneyBook’s client-selected payment plan feature eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth negotiations, ensuring your clients are happy and you get paid promptly. Plus, you can always adjust the plan later if needed.

Ready to transform your invoicing game? Start using HoneyBook today with discount code mariava and give your clients the freedom they deserve.

Let’s keep growing together, one flexible payment plan at a time! 🚀💼


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